Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my dog spend at Dogsbody?

Normally between 3 and 6 hours. This depends on your dog's size and coat type and condition.
Dogs stay for longer than it takes to groom them to ensure that each dog gets plenty of breaks in between de-matting, bathing, drying and so on. If we groomed your pet from start to finish he/she would go home very tired!

How much will the grooming cost?

As each dog is an individual, it can be very difficult to quote for our work. We groom to a very high standard and the bulk of our cost is in the preparation stage of the grooming (i.e. de-matting). All prices are dependant on the following factors;

  • extent of knots and tangles
  • coat texture
  • evidence of parasites ie fleas, ticks ,lice or mange mites
  • your dog's behaviour
  • style preference (type of trim)

As each dog is an individual, it is best to contact the salon so we can meet your pet and give a more accurate quote for grooming.

Should I wash my dog before I bring him or her in ?

NO THANK YOU! Bathing a coat which has not been carefully brushed out beforehand will result in the dog becoming matted all over. It is often thought that bathing and applying conditioner/sprays/lotions before brushing will help to de tangle. This is NOT the case. There is no alternative to good old fashioned elbow grease! We are more than happy to accept very dirty dogs.... it's our job!!

I have been charged a de- matting fee, how can I avoid this in future?

Regular brushing on a maintenance level is important for so many reasons. It helps strengthen the bond between owner and pet, allows for mini health checks such as checking for thorns, lumps and bumps etc. Lastly, when done thoroughly with the correct brushes and combs, brushing will prevent long and semi- long haired dogs from becoming tangled and uncomfortable. Excessively matted coats will take extra time and effort to rectify and in some cases it can be impossible to de tangle. In this case, we recommend the coat is clipped short as a kinder option for the dog.

We are happy to de tangle provided your dog is accepting of the extended time on the table and we are extremely gentle . However, extra charges will apply depending on the time involved. These can be kept to a minimum by the owner committing to brushing at home. Please ask for advice on the correct brush for your dog's coat.

My dog is very nervous and I am worried about how he will react to being away from me while being groomed. Can you put my mind at ease?

It is natural for you to worry about how your dog will react to being in a strange place and being groomed by someone they don't know. Remember, dogs don't have pre conceived ideas about a new experience and look to us, their owners for reassurance and guidance. So when owners arrive for their appointment clutching Fifi or Fido to them, saying how nervous they are feeling- it is easy for a dog to pick up on the stress the owner is conveying.

Why not pop in to our salon without your pet, to observe the dogs being groomed that day? Our open plan design means you can watch what happens and how dogs generally react. The reason we don't encourage owners to stay with their own dogs is that this is quite distracting for the dog. He will want you to stay right next to him, naturally, and it can be dangerous for us to use scissors/clippers on a dog that is concentrating on someone other than the groomer. It is a little like a child at the dentist surgery.... they really can cope without you!

Will my dog be sedated while being groomed?

Absolutely NOT. At Dogsbody we have a policy of never sedating any animal on our premises. This is for a number of reasons; firstly it does not allow us to form any sort of relationship with the dog as they are afraid and unaware of their surroundings. Secondly, it can be extremely dangerous to work on a sedated dog as their movements are very erratic and unpredictable. As we do not have a vet on the premises , we are not in a position to administer drugs. As professional groomers, we are accustomed to dealing with all sorts of temperaments and issues dogs may have. We prefer to deal with each dog as an individual, not just complete the work in the fastest time.


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