Why Have Your Dog Groomed?

ToenailsBesides the obvious " squeaky clean" feeling, there are many reasons to consider having your pet groomed.

Let's start at the toes; dogs have a minimum of 16 nails, sometimes more depending on how many dew claws they have ( these are in the same position as your thumb, and some dogs have them on both front and back feet). Each nail is examined and trimmed to the correct length, carefully avoiding the quick which can bleed if exposed. Front or hind dew claws could be obscured by hair and matts, and as they grow in a circle without contact with the floor- it is our job to trim these to prevent them becoming ingrown.

Along with the nails, all long-haired dogs grow hair between the toes and pads of the feet. We carefully check this hair for matts and tangles, trim it back to expose the pad itself (giving the dog better grip on slippy floors) thereby removing debris, sand etc locked into the hair.

Knots and TanglesWe have worked on many dogs whose owners reported that their dogs were unwilling to walk or in bad form, only to discover open wounds caused by foreign bodies such as grass seeds, glass etc. Tangled hair will cover a multitude and we are often responsible for discovering problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Knots, matts, tangles and felting are all in a day's work when grooming dogs. There are areas on a dog that are more susceptible and no knot will survive a day at Dogsbody ! Behind the ears, around the muzzle/beard, insides of all legs, where each leg joins the body and the area where the collar or harness lies. We get down to the "nitty gritty" and complete detangling is a fundamental part of our grooming service.

Bath TimeBaths are our business! Each dog is shampooed twice, and conditioned as necessary. Each shampoo is applied by means of an invigorating body massage, the only way to get that "deep down" clean finish. Most dogs don't like to discuss having their anal glands expressed, but it takes just seconds and the positive effects last much longer!

Finally, and most importantly for some dogs, is the trimming. Short, long or medium trims but we prefer to trim to current breed standards. Some owners will specify different styles depending on their pet's lifestyle and seasonal conditions, and each coat type is assessed on an individual basis.


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